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Welcome to NY Metro Appraisal Services, a Regional Real estate Appraisal Firm providing valuation services and solutions for the specific underwriting requirements of the mortgage lending, servicing, and insurance industries. NY Metro Appraisal Services sets itself apart from national firms with its communications technology and software platform which allows for the fastest placement and completion of real estate appraisals in the New York Metropolitan and Connecticut area. NY Metro Appraisal Services provides you with immediate access to the fastest, most reliable, residential real estate appraisal services available within the Southern New York and Connecticut Regional Area..

As we all know, HVCC has been set aside and the Dodd-Frank Act, Public Law 111-203 is now in play.

Regarding the selection of appraisers, this is the published requirement:


In the selection of appraisers, the institution should develop criteria that ensure the appraiser selected for the assignment has the requisite education, expertise and experience to competently complete the appraisal.

NY Metro Appraisal Services, being a “REGIONAL APPRAISAL FIRM” with appraisers on board that have demonstrated the requisite education, expertise and experience to competently complete the appraisal satisfies the appraiser selection criteria. Under no uncertain terms will an appraiser be given as assignment not in his or her geographic area of expertise. NY Metro Appraisal Services goes beyond just ensuring that appraiser’s credentials are current.

Minimum requirement of a NY Metro Appraisal Service appraiser is 5 years tenure as a Certified Residential or General Appraiser and must be FHA Certified.


Being a REGIONAL APPRAISAL FIRM, NY Metro Appraisal Services has developed appraisal review criteria that ensure reviewers of appraisals are independent of the transaction and have no financial interest in the property or transaction and possess the requisite education, expertise and competence to perform the review.

All of our appraisal reviews of 1-to-4, condo and coop unit residential properties reflect a risk based approach that is commensurate with the size, type and complexity of the credit transaction. NY Metro Appraisal Services will not change the value conclusion in an appraisal but authenticate the methodology, quality and authenticate the comparable sales used for an original appraiser to have rendered his or her opinion of value including the impact that sales concessions as well as cash or non-cash contributions provided by a party to the transaction and that reduce a purchaser’s cost and how that contribution has upon the market value of the property.


As an Independent Third Party Appraisal Services Provider, NY Metro Appraisal Services assists clients with the performance of collateral valuation functions and continued on-going oversight to ensure that the services of NY Metro Appraisal Services as well as the appraiser vendors we use are in full compliance with the Agencies’ appraisal regulations.

We, at NY Metro Appraisal Services, look forward to providing you with all of your appraisal and appraisal review services. We offer 24/7 on line ordering and tracking as well as 24/7 fax order systems.

All appraisal and appraisal review orders are fire walled protected, and under no uncertain terms does a client pick and choose an appraiser. All appraisers are assigned appraisal assignments on a rotational basis.

To order an appraisal or appraisal review, register with NY Metro Appraisal Services by going to top header and click on “ORDER AN APPRAISAL” Once there, create your fire walled account by selecting your own user name and password. Once approved, you can start ordering appraisals and appraisal reviews complete with our 24/7 tracking system.

NY Metro Appraisal Services thanks you for your business and looks forward toward many years of continued professional real property appraisal services. All payments must be made by credit card. Sorry, we do not accept Discover Card.

Thank you,

NY Metro Appraisal Services


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