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WECLOME to Richard Greco Private Investigations providing a variety of investigative services including Comprehensive Background Investigations, Missing Persons, Witness Locate, Medical Fraud, Residency Verification, Child Custody Matters, Wrongful Convictions, Insurance Fraud, Tenant Screening, Identity Theft Victims


Needless to say with the surge of identity theft, there is no telling if the person you are screening for employment, tenancy, is the real "John Doe" or someone who stole another's identity.  If you're an employer how can you be sure if the person you are interviewing is the actual candidate or an imposter. 


Is that tenant applicant the person he says he is or is he or she really a "Dead Beat Tenant" who already beat hprior 3 landlords for the past three years and is targeting you as his or her next victim for yet another years worth of rent.  Lets face it is a rare case for a local District Attorney to pursue these theft of rent cases and the only real prevention is "DUE DILIGENCE"  on the part of  a property owner or his or her Management Company.

So if your tired of hearing my wife is sick, my boss forgot to add my overtime in my paycheck, I needed the money to buy food for my kids, I had to go to the emergency room and of course the classic "The Rent is in The Mail" give us a call at 718-518-8588.  All we need is a name, a social security number and/or date of birth.  We will do the rest. 


There are many reasons why some individuals end up on a Missing Persons list.  We have those who run away as adolescents, adults, committed a crime, had a severe argument with a oved one, became depressed and those who suffer from illness.  One trait of the runaway, unless the intent was to deliberately disappear with a new identity before leaving his or her family or friends, they all go back to their former habits and are traceable.

If you are looking for a loved one, a friend and old high school, college or military sweetheart, look no further.  We can help you locate that person.  Here again, all we need is that persons name, maiden name prior address, date of birth and if possible a social security number.  Some locates are found within minutes.  IF WE DONT LOCATE-YOU DONT PAY.


New York Trial Court system takes quite a long time for a case to get on calendar.  The information collected at an accident scene the day it was collected may be as stale as yesterdays bread by the time your case gets to trial.  If the time comes a civil or criminal matter your are involved in requires you to locate a witness, contact us for assistance to locate that witness.


Often times locating a property owner or an heir to an estate you have intention of making an offer can be difficult.  We have been successful in locating heirs, next of kin where Satisfaction of Mortgage went unrecorded and an heir or next of kin is required to provide a sworn affidavit.  Should you find yourself as an Investor, Attorney or simply someone looking to locate the owner of a property or their relatives, here again, give us a call.  You'd be surprised what we can unearth to help you locate and close your next real estate transaction.


Have you been a victim of a  false insurance claim in an alleged "TRIP AND FALL" accident "WORKERS COMPENSATION" case.  I cant start to tell you how many phonies we nailed claiming they couldn't walk without crutches, a cane or neck brace on a dance floor, jogging, in races, swinging sledge hammers, digging ditches, working off the books.  Don't become a victim of Insurance and Medical Fraud.  WHEN THE TIME COMES TO UNEARTH THE TRUTH, call Richard Greco Private Investigation 718-518-8588.


It is said home is where the occupant goes after he leaves work over a course of several days.  So is the case of a tenant in a rent controlled apartment who breached the terms of his occupancy by sub-letting and concealing the sub-let, so is the schools student that lives in NYC and is using a false address in a suburb or visa versa.  So are those who register their moor vehicles in States or Counties other than their residency.  Let our team of surveillance experts verify the true residency of one you may suspect of committing residency fraud.


Domestic relations can strain resulting in separation and divorce.  Often time children are involved and custody battles ensue.  In the worse scenario one parent will accuse the other of being a bad influence or in drastic cases a danger to a child's welfare due to drugs, violent temper, alcohol abuse, weapons.  I am pleased to say, not all of our investigations resulted in substantiation of the allegations, in fact in some cases it was discovered that the accuser was his or herself the person who perpetrated harm to the child.  Should such a sensitive investigation be required you can depend on us for discreet surveillance and videography.


Sad as it is people are human and make mistakes.  As reported many time in the past many a convicted felon has been released from prison due to a wrongful conviction.  There are numerous reasons why.  New approaches with DNA, uncovering false police reports, tampered evidence, mistake of witness or in some case failure of a Defense Attorney to adequate and diligently represent his client.

If there is someone you suspect who is an alleged victim of a 'WRONFUL CONVICTION" contact us for a consultation.  If we uncover there is justifiable grounds to re-open a case and file an appeal, we will refer you a an attorney along with our reports for further assistance.


Identity theft is said to be the fastest growing crime in America.  There's no need for me to tell you.  Recent media releases of Equifax having been hacked with one half of the population of the United States potentially impacted and ripe for identity theft.  Has your name, date of birth and social security number already been compromised.  Is there someone in Canada, Mexico, China, Nigeria using your name and social security number?  When is the last time you performed a 'SELF-BACKGROUND CHECK"  to see if your social security number is being used by someone else? 

I doubt today Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in AMERICA.  With half the population in America having been compromised IT IS THE LARGEST CRIME IN AMERICA.


When the time comes for YOU to unearth the truth in any of the areas of expertise we cover give us a call at 718-518-8588 or email use at ALL MATTERS ARE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT/INVESTIGATOR.

         Richard Greco Private Investigator is Licensed by The Secretary of State of The State of New York


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